Frequently Asked Questions


1.) Do I need to pay for EAP Services?

EAP services are paid for by the employer.

2.) What is EAP and what services does it cover?

As a service EAP is designed to assist individuals and/or immediate family members resolve issues that are affecting work performance, productivity or morale.

3.) How many hours am I entitled to under the EAP program?

Every organization has their own set hours. Contact your HR department for this information.

4.) Do you offer private counselling as well?

Yes we do.  We have a standard hourly fee that is due at the end of each session.

5.) How soon can I get an appointment with a counsellor?

Within 48 hours or less, depending upon need.  If you are requesting evening or weekend appointments or a particular counsellor, your wait may be longer.

6.) I work Mon-Fri from 8:30- 4:30. Is it possible to book an appointment after work or on the weekend?

Yes. We have counsellors with after-hour and weekend availability.