Our Counsellors

Our Counsellors

Our counsellors have a range of professional backgrounds ensuring that you are matched with the best counsellor to meet your particular needs.

They have been trained in a number of different therapeutic approaches to help you work on addressing issues effectively. We also have access to a number of professionals in the community (and outside of Yukon) who have particular areas of expertise for referral as needed.

Barb Nimco

Barbara graduated with a Master Social Work Degree from the University of Calgary in 1977. Having worked in a variety of social work fields, the lure of the North captured her imagination, and in 1986 she moved to the Yukon.

Shortly after, she was contacted to be an EAP Referral Agent with her then employer –the Federal Department of Indian and Northern Affairs. This opened the door for Barbara to establish a private practice in the EAP industry which has lasted close to three decades. This work has complemented her strong belief in the values and ethics of the social work profession.

Her interest has been to work with people and organizations, helping them achieve goals in the most healthy and harmonious way possible. In 2014 Barbara received the “Distinguished Service Award” from the Canadian Association of Social Workers.

Currently, she has been approached by the University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work to be a dedicated champion/ mentor to social work students and to share the dedication with community and funders on behalf of the Faculty.

Barbara overseas the Company’s operation ensuring EAP standards and procedures are maintained to the highest quality. 


Sue Grabner – MA (Counselling Psychology) CCC and Clinical Manager 

Sue has been a counsellor in the Yukon since 1988. Her counselling career began in Calgary, AB at the Distress Center/Drug Center and Teen Line followed by Canadian Mental Health Association Suicide Bereavement Program.  When she moved to the Yukon, Sue began working at Yukon Family Services (now Many Rivers) providing counselling services to residents of Whitehorse and for one year, providing itinerant services to residents of Watson Lake. After working with Yukon Family Services for 11 years, she left to raise her 3 young children, including a set of twins, eventually returning to work as a clinician with Yukon Mental Health Services. Sue went on to open a part time private practice and also works with Nimco & Associates as a counsellor and Clinical Manager.

Sue works with adults and children, individuals, couples and families using an eclectic approach to therapy that allows for the flexibility to find a language and model of change that works with the client. Sue has a strong belief in the resiliency and the capacity for change and adaptation in human beings and brings this energy into the therapeutic relationship as she guides, teaches, supports and challenges people to face what limits them and to embrace their capacity.  Sue is constantly seeking training to enhance her skills so she can offer a broad range of therapeutic approaches to her clients. The most recent training involves the use of EMDR to address trauma. 

Areas of interest: Couples, families, individuals, children and youth, stress management, depression, anxiety, parenting, attachment issues, family of origin, life stages/ transitions, grief, loss, addictions, retirement planning, health, trauma, PTSD, First Nation, work place issues, conflict resolution.


Sheila Benson – M. ED, (Counselling Psychology), RCC

Sheila is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors and holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Victoria. She has worked as a clinical counsellor for the past 20 years in diverse settings, both in BC and in the Yukon. In Whitehorse Sheila has worked at Mental Health Services, Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services, Nimco and Associates Inc, and has also been in private practice. In addition, Sheila has provided counselling services in the communities of Faro, Ross River, Teslin, and Carcross, and over the years has worked with a variety of people on a range of issues. Working primarily with individuals and groups, Sheila is familiar with the joys and challenges of creating meaningful change in one’s life and is keen to assist in the process.

Areas of Interest: Depression; anxiety, emotional dysregulation; interpersonal/relationship issues; and difficulty managing life’s problems. Stress management; life stages and transitions; well-being and flourishing; First Nations;  trauma; grief and loss; addictions; career development; retirement preparation and concerns; and work-place issues.



Melissa Sauve Dupont – Registered Psychoeducator and Registered Psychotherapist

Melissa works with children, youth, families, and adults battling emotional issues or facing various life challenges. She has gained experience working in diverse settings including Quebec Mental Health Services,  Iris Crisis Center in Montreal, School Boards and Quebec University. She is currently working with Nimco and Associates Inc. and Family and Children Services with the Yukon Government.  Melissa graduated with a Master’s Degree in Psychoeducation from University of Sherbrooke in Quebec and she also completed a two-year certificate in Family and Couple Therapy Studies at “Institut de Formation d’Aide Communautaire a l’Enfance et la Famille”, in Montreal.

Melissa has a holistic approach utilizing various methods including psycho-educational, strength-based, systemic, mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Her clinical practice promotes flexibility, empowerment and creativity to allow the clients to embrace their full potential.

Areas of interest: Children, youth, individuals and families. depression, anxiety, stress management, trauma, post-traumatic stress, attachment, life changes/transitions, familial crisis, adolescence, parenting, and work place issues.


JoanneJoanne Heyes – M.Sc. , AAMFT

Joanne works with adults, youth, couples and families that are facing many different life challenges or transitions. She honours the courage it takes for clients to reach out for support and make change. Joanne likes to work collaboratively with clients using a variety of strength-based models to help her clients make the changes they desire. She has gained broad experience working within a number of clinical settings including Child Abuse Treatment Services and Alcohol and Drugs Services with the Yukon Government. She also has provided services to Yukoners in a number of communities including, Whitehorse, Teslin and Watson Lake. Joanne is a member of the American Association of Marriage of Family Therapy).

Areas of interest: Couples, families, individuals, youth, stress management, depression, anxiety, parenting, family of origin, attachment, life stages/ transitions, grief, loss, addictions, health, trauma, PTSD, First Nation, work place issues.


Caroline 2015

Caroline Hayes Registered Professional Counsellor and Certified Family Mediator

Caroline has lived and worked in Yukon since 1975. She has worked as an independent consultant since 1987 with a broad variety of government and community organizations as educator, mediator, facilitator, community development consultant and personal counsellor. Her years of professional experiences focus on community health and social supports for family and children through education, mediation and counselling services. Caroline has assisted individuals, couples, groups and communities to resolve a broad range of issues. Her life goal is to promote an appreciation of the opportunities conflict offers when approached with awareness, confidence and curiosity.

Areas of interest: Couples, families, individuals, youth, stress management, depression, anxiety, parenting, attachment, life stages/ transitions, grief, loss, retirement planning, work place issues, mediation, conflict resolution                            



Tandi Brown – MC Counselling Psychology CCC  

Tandi has been a counsellor in the Yukon for the past 8 years having worked with Many Rivers Counselling & Support Services as well as currently working with Nimco & Associates and the Kwanlin Dun First Nation Health Centre. She also completed practicum work with the Child Development Centre and has worked as a community-based research consultant on a CYFN AHTF-funded project for First Nations and mental wellness. She works with adults, youth, and children, individuals and families utilizing a responsive and intuitive approach underscored by her belief in the human instinct for freedom, respect, and dignity. She supports clients to work gently at doing the hard work of accepting the wide range of human experience and offers perspective and compassion in the process.

Areas of Interest: Families, individuals, youth, stress management, depression, anxiety, parenting, family of origin, attachment, life stages/ transitions, grief, loss, addictions, trauma, PTSD, First Nation, work place issues.